The Collins Studio is a small group of artists, that constructively draw and design original images to fit your imagination. Everyone has a different style, ensuring you can find an artist to fit your needs. 
The comfort and safety of our clients is of utmost importance at The Collins Studio. All of the artists at the shop use single use, disposable needles and tubes. Every package opened for each client is a new and sterile piece of equipment. We make it a point to let you sit in the most comfortable position you can, while still getting poked with needles!

Trever Collins

I have been tattooing for nearly 8 years now. I specialize in black and gray and color realism and also a form of illustrative realism. Although, I am well rounded at many other styles. I do a lot of fine line art. I treat every tattoo as if I was going to be wearing it myself forever, so you are guaranteed to have my full attention when you are sitting in my chair.

I create most of my custom tattoos using Photoshop. I like to mash different aspects and content from several photos and then I will print the image and make changes on paper when I design the tattoos. Some tattoos I draw completely from looking at reference. And some of my organic tattoos I will free hand on, in person. 

Kelsey Bishop Whited

Kelsey has been apprenticing at the shop since, July of 2017. She has the most creative style of the three of us and has already grown into a talented tattooer. She is equally great at color, as she is at black and gray. She has a very methodical style and loves tattooing mythology figures, fantasy art, and animals.